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Thanks to our many friends and venues that have supported us in 2017. Special thanks to Marc Golde for our appearance on Rock Garden Live and Bruce Arsnow for joining us on the show. Watch our schedule on ringsofthefoxvalley.com and postings on Facebook as we return to Nakashima's; Jim & Linda's Supper Club and Hahn A Lula Resort in 2018 along with some possible new venues. We wish you a great and prosperous New Year in 2018!

*Please Note:  Dates/Times/Places with a "*" in front are schedule changes.

Thursday, 16th Car Show Fond du Lac Fairgrounds 5:00-8:00
Saturday, 18th Jim and Linda's Fond du Lac 5:00-9:00
Sunday, 26th Hahn A Lula Resort Fremont 2:00-6:00

Saturday, 29th Jim and Linda's Fond du Lac 5:00-9:00

Saturday, 13th Nakashima Appleton 6:00-10:00

Saturday, 3rd Nakashima Appleton 6:00-10:00

Saturday, 1st Nakashima Appleton 6:00-10:00

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